County Road Association of Michigan releases political sign guidelines video

The County Road Association (CRA) of Michigan has released a new video outlining the importance of placing political signs – and Yard Sale and Free Kittens signs – outside of the road right-of-way.

The right-of-way extends approximately 33 feet in both directions from the centerline of the road. Any signs placed in that area are a safety threat to both drivers and roadworkers.

“When you place a sign too close to the road, it can interfere with roadworkers performing essential maintenance duties like mowing or digging,” CRA director Denise Donohue said. “It can also obstruct driver vision, making for an unsafe environment. Following guidelines for sign placement is vital to the safety of both roadworkers and motorists.”

“Our two-minute video is a quick lesson on placing temporary signs featuring talent from Maura Lamoreaux, communications manager for the Kent County Road Commission,” Donohue said.

Residents who wish to learn more about political sign policies can visit their county road agency’s website or contact them via phone.

Learn more by visiting CRA’s YouTube channel for the latest “Out on your roads” video at