Commissioner Resources

So you want to be a road commissioner

Interested in being a county road commissioner in Michigan? CRA’s “So you want to be a road commissioner” brochure is the place to start.

The brochure lists the qualities of a good road commissioner, the expected tasks and responsibilities, and gives a brief introduction to road commissions.

Click here to download a digital copy of the brochure, or contact CRA at 517.482.1189 for printed paper copies.

Commissioners Handbook

If you are a newly-elected or newly-appointed road commissioner: Congratulations! You have an incredibly important leadership position in your local community. Michigan’s 90,000 miles of county-run roads and 5,700 bridges are the foundation to quality of life in the state.

The Commissioners Handbook serves as a tool to help educate Michigan’s county road commissioners about their responsibilities as important public officeholders.

Read the Commissioners Handbook.

Road Commissioner Code of Conduct

Road Commissioners will conduct themselves lawfully, with integrity and high ethical standards. In addition, a Commissioner…

  • Will attend as many Board meetings as possible informed of concerning issues. Inform the Manager/Superintendent of any impending absences.
  • Shall exercise his or her obligation to vote upon issues at hand unless a conflict of interest is present.
  • Will not personally direct any part of the operational organization.
  • Will work with other Commissioners to establish effective policy and delegate authority for administration to the Manager/Superintendent.
  • Shall support the employment of those individuals best qualified to serve as employees and insist on regular impartial evaluations of employees.
  • Shall avoid being placed in a position of conflict of interest and refrain from using the Board position for personal or partisan gain.
  • Will maintain confidentiality appropriate to sensitive issues and information that otherwise may tend to compromise the integrity or legal standing of the organization, especially those matters discussed in a closed session that is privileged under applicable law.

Click here to download the Road Commissioner Code of Conduct.

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