CRA 100th Anniversary

A letter from the Director

Denise DonohueGood roads are key to quality of life and economic opportunity across Michigan. This has been the case since the early 1900s when county road commissions were created by state law. And since 1918 when the forerunner to the County Road Association of Michigan was formed.

As the association observes its centennial, I’m reflecting on the thousands of hard-working men and women who make safe transportation possible. They – and CRA – have passion for serving others and improving Michigan’s county roads and bridges to benefit our schools and hospitals, tourists and residents, as well as industries and economic development.

The County Road Association of Michigan is the solid platform that brings us together to inspire, network and motivate one another. May the collaboration continue for another 100 years!

Denise Donohue

Historical photos

Looking back - memories of CRA

Mary Herman, Director of Finance and Administration, Marquette County Road Commission

I have been employed by the Marquette County Road Commission since 1997, hired as the payroll/cost accountant, and promoted to my current position as director of finance & administration.  I also serve as clerk to the Marquette County Road Commission Board.  I have been a member of the County Road Association Finance & Human Resource Committee since 2005, serving as chairman from 2009 to 2011. I also currently serve as chair of the CRA Canvassing Committee.

Since 1997, I have served as chair, vice-chair, secretary-treasurer, and member of the UP Road Commission Finance & Human Resource Association and an active member in the UP Road Builders’ Association and the Great Lakes Council.  In 2009, I was appointed, and then later elected, to the CRASIF Board of Trustees, and currently serve as the CRASIF vice-chair.

I was exposed to road-related work early in my career, gaining experience while working for two different consulting engineering firms in the Upper Peninsula and one in the Lower Peninsula, all of whom were involved in public agency work.

I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given to serve the County Road Association, and the many friends I’ve made along the way.  As I travel across the state, I often find myself remembering who my colleagues are in each of the various counties.  It’s comforting to know you’re just a phone call away from friends in the local County Road Commission should you need help or suggestions and recommendations while in their county!  The Association has created an environment that provides networking opportunities which it easy for people to connect with others in order to build a comradery amongst peers. Read more>>>

Stan Clingerman, former engineer-manager, Hillsdale County Road Commission

I am the retired engineer-manager of Hillsdale County Road Commission (HCRC, 1976-2016) and had been involved with the County Road Association (CRA) of Michigan throughout my career.

My career began as an assistant engineer underneath the supervision of then engineer-manager Roy Rodd for six years. In 1982, I became engineer-manager for HCRC for the next 34 years. I was honored to be on the CRA board of directors for six years, and served on CRA’s Engineering and Negotiating Committees.

Adverse weather brought the biggest challenges to HCRC during my tenure.

I recall one blizzard in 1978 when it took two days for HCRC to plow me out of my own house so I could get to work. The blizzard was a multi-week event where HCRC staff and the Army Corps of Engineers worked 12-hour shifts to clear snow and drifts off the roads. Read more>>>

A Road of Progress: 100 Years of CRA