Winter is coming: What you can do to get ready for the snowy season

Always be prepared. It’s not just the Girl Scout motto! It’s what you should always be when it comes to winter weather – and county road agencies are right there with you!
Here’s what they’re doing to prep for this season – and what you can do to help avoid dangerous winter situations.

County road agencies…

  • Use innovative technologies such as green lights and wing-plow attachments, which are lighted wing sticks attached to snowplows that allow them to plow multiple lanes at once
  • Calibrate their salt spreaders so they apply the right amount of road salt
  • And more! Want to learn how your county road agency is prepping? Give them a call!

You can…

  • Change your tires if it’s been a while! Bald tires and slippery roads are no match, and old tires can be a contributing factor to accidents. Also make sure your tires are properly inflated
  • Pack a winter car kit with blankets, a flashlight, extra food and water, an ice scraper, a small shovel and other useful items you may need in case of an emergency
  • Always clear snow and ice from your car before driving!

By following these tips, both you and your roads can stay safe this winter. Don’t forget to say thanks to your county road agency.