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Use the table below to view bills CRA is tracking, and its position on them.

Bill/Act # - Sponsor - DateDescriptionStatusCRA's Position
HB 4016 - Rep. Green (D - Macomb) - 1/11/2017

Would create a new Michigan Infrastructure Council of nine members.  Read more...

House Introduced Bill 
H 4100 - Rep. McCready (R-Oakland) - 1/26/2017

Would create new legislation to regulate the creation of stormwater management utilities by local units of government to provide for the establishment, collection, reduction or elimination fees and other responsibilities.  Read more...

House Introduced Bill 
SB 159 - Sen. Casperson (R-Delta) - 2/15/2017

Would amend the Michigan Vehicle Code by providing an exemption for certain natural gas vehicles from gross vehicle weight limits. Read more...

Senate Introduced Bills 
SB 157 - Sen. Jones (R-Eaton) - 2/14/2017

Would create new legislation requiring contracts for certain public works projects to have provisions requiring competition for the use or supply of certain materials and products and imposes powers and duties on certain public entities and state and local officials. Read more...

Senate Introduced Bill 
SB 194 - Sen. Schuitmaker (R-Van Buren) - 2/23/2017

Would amend Act 51 by allowing townships to perform preservation or maintenance work on roadways within the township and under the jurisdiction of a county road commission without the approval of the county road commission if the township assumes liability for the work performed and the project is funded in its entirety by the township. Read more...

Senate Introduced Bill 
HB 4251 - Rep. Dianda (D-Houghton) - 2/21/2017

Would amend the MVC by reducing the recent increases in passenger and commercial vehicle registration fees. This would also impact the $1.2 billion road funding goal. Read more...

House Introduced Bill 
SB 148 - Sen. Hansen (R-Oceana) - 2/9/2017

Establishes the fiscal year 2017-2018 state transportation budget.

Senate Introduced Bill 
SB 210 - Sen. Colbeck (R-Wayne) - 3/2/2017

Would amend Act 51 by establishing a database for all road and bridge projects. Read more...

Senate Introduced Bill