Our People

Our People

As members of the County Road Association of Michigan, all county road agencies are plugged into a highly-networked community where knowledge is taught, shared and developed.

Most county road agencies are also in regular communication with leadership from their local government units, local business communities and economic development agencies, transit authorities and local planning entities.

Input like this helps shape the way transportation asset management is practiced by county road agencies and ensures communities' needs are met - as well as current funding allows anyway.

Intra-agency collaboration.  County road agencies also collaborate with one another, sometimes sharing equipment, staff, plowing routes or other arrangements that make fiscal sense.

Let's talk.

     83 counties - grass roots, community connections

                      9 peer-to-peer councils, confer quarterly

7 standing special-interest road committees - including Engineering, Finance & Human Resources, Commissioners - meet quarterly.   5 subcommittees.

                         3 regional road associations, meet bi-annually.

                                            Some "neighborhood" associations like the "frugal five" ...

And 1 statewide trade association.  Since 1918.