Crossroads Magazine

Crossroads Magazine

The County Road Association of Michigan's quarterly magazine, Crossroads, is available now. 

Each edition of Crossroads showcases a feature story and case study linked to the editorial topic of the issue. Other regular magazine features include:

Innovation Alley; Communication Corner; Between the Lines legal issues brief, legislative and member profiles; a feature story focusing on emerging issues in finance and human resources; and much more.

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2018-2019 Crossroads Magazine

Fall - Building bridges in the community (Download)

2017-18 Crossroads Magazine

Summer - Incoming! Invasive species in the right-of-way (Download)

Spring - Who Owns That Tree? Community meets safety meets the law in the right-of-way (Download)

Winter - Beyond Roads: The Little Rapids Restoration Project (Download)

Fall - From the Mine to the Road: The Story Behind Road Salt (Download)

2016-17 Crossroads Magazine

Summer - Celebrating 100 Years of Innovation (Download)

Spring - Weighmasters:  Our Road Protectors (Download)

Winter - Bringing Gen Z into the county Road business (Download)

Fall - Snow Issue (Download)

2015-16 Crossroads Magazine

Summer -  Preserving Michigan's Historic Bridges (Download)

Spring - Pre-Highway Conference and Road Show issue (Download)

Winter - Road Funding Passes (Download)

Fall - Snow and Ice – Best Practices for Winter Operations (Download)

If you’re interested in advertising in Crossroads, please contact Alexandra Contreras at the County Road Association office.