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  • What is CRAM?

    The County Road Association of Michigan is composed of, and represents, Michigan's eighty-three county road agencies. The Association promotes higher efficiency in the operation of Michigan's county road systems through the cooperative efforts of the member county road agencies. This purpose is accomplished by fostering the education of the membership and general public in relation to county road matters; conducting annual meetings and conferences, schools and study courses related to county road matters; maintaining a central bureau of information and research for the collection, analysis and dissemination of information pertinent to county road matters through the publication and circulation of bulletins, papers and articles on topics of interest and benefit to the membership; encouraging legislation beneficial to Michigan's county road agencies and the traveling public; and furnishing consultant services and advice on all phases of county road activities in order to promote such efficiency.

    County Road Commissions Pioneer Efficiencies

    Michigan is not just the birthplace of the mass-produced automobile. County road agencies gave birth to the modern road-building industry and innovations such as the first mile of concrete highway and the first centerline painter, both developed by Wayne County. That same innovative spirit is alive and well today. Reforms and efficiencies, both large and small, have allowed county road agencies to do more with less. The constant effort to increase efficiency and effectiveness is not something most road agencies publicize - it is considered a normal part of doing business. Click here to learn more about road commission efficiency efforts...


    Asset Management Council Releases new report

    This new report from The Asset Managment Council details the rough road ahead. Click here to link to the 2012 summary document or for the full version click here.

    Local Roads Matter

    Local Roads MatterOur nation's local roads are critical to every facet of our lives. Safe and efficient roads and bridges are necessary for economic vitality, to revitalization, to schools, to trade, to healthcare, to business, in times of crisis, to families and to our overall quality of life. Join our campaign and let our country know that Local Roads Matter!
    Click image at the right to visit the National Association of County Engineers' Local Roads Matter Campaign.

    Better Roads Feature Article: At the Crossroads - The fate of our secondary roads may be in the balance!

    The March 2010 issue of Better Roads Magazine has a feature article that highlights the plight of the nation's secondary road system using the NACE "Local Roads Matter" campaign information. Click here to view this important article.

    Legislative Inaction Costs Michigan Motorists More than $1 Billion Each Year

    Cost of InactionDespite comprehensive studies and recommendations that Michigan needs to raise our annual road funding by more than $1.5 billion annually, and warnings from the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC) that our roads are deteriorating faster than they can be repaired or replaced, past legislatures have failed to increase the user fees that fund our roads and bridges.
    Road condition data reported to the TAMC by state and local road agencies reveals that Michigan roads are deteriorating at a rate of $3 million daily - more than $1 billion annually. In 2004, the cost of returning all roads to good condition was $3.68 billion. By 2011, TAMC estimated the cost had ballooned to $11.5 billion. Click this link for more information on the effect in your legislative district

    Section 394 Report Released

    The Michigan Department of Transportation completed an analysis of the transportation funding distribution formula. It was done in accordance with Section 394 of the 2010 Transportation budget. The report examines the distribution formula for state transportation funding, compares it with methods used by other states, and includes discussions on suggested alternatives. Click here for a copy of the report. The referenced appendices can now be downloaded from our site as well. Click the name to download Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C


    CRAM RUSH-PACRUSH-PAC is the political fundraising arm of the County Road Association of Michigan (CRAM). RUSH-PAC stands for Rural and Urban Streets and Highways Political Action Committee. It is made up of people like you — who understand the value of good roads and bridges.
    RUSH-PAC promotes better road policies in Michigan by contributing to the campaigns of candidates for state office who understand road issues and will advocate prudent road policies and legislation.

    Click here to learn how together, we can make our voice heard in Lansing.

    Michigan's county road agencies are working to improve roads to accommodate
    commercial vehicles, but increasing costs and declining
    revenues delay these costly improvements. To learn more about
    county road agency's funding needs, click here

    Questions or suggestions? Click here to e-mail us
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